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"Music full of energy, hip swinging, bluesy and fun..."
The Brass Volcanoes are a jazz band consisting of brass, saxophones and drums. All of the band are professional jazz musicians who work together to create fabulous arrangements of popular and less well known tunes on the spot: ideas, solos and riffs are thrown around the band so that no two performances are ever the same. The music is filled with energy and life which draws the audience and makes you want to be part of it.

The Brass Volcanoes are inspired by a long tradition of Brass Bands from New Orleans as well as other parts of the world: expect flavours of the Balkans, Latin America, the Caribbean, Kletzmer, all with their own London twist. We play a mix of original songs unique to the band, arrangements of popular songs, Mardi Gras and jazz standards, funk classics...

We play on stages, in parks, on streets, for parades, for parties, in bars... wherever!

True to the New Orleans brass band spirit is the desire for everyone to have a good time through the excitement of creating and listening to great live music.

Come along to a gig to see us if you can, or have a listen to us and see some videos of us on line here.
Some quotes from our feedback - read on ....
"Your stamina was astounding and you won the crowd over within the first couple songs. The band's playful spirit and riotous tunes were too much for even the most reserved punters to resist and before long the whole room was a kaleidoscope of joyous dancing movement." - artistic director, Americana Arts Company
"I absolutely adore these guys, and they are amazing live. If you are interested in some downright funky New Orleans/Latin spicy jazz then check them out" - one of our fans
"Thanks soo much for playing at the wedding, it really made it special... everyone loved you guys. Julie from Turkey Mill said she'd never seen an entrance like that (and she's seen  few!)… the best Wedding March I've ever heard even if Wagner might not have liked it…ha ha." - a very pleased groom
" you were all completely awesome! thank you so much for coming down to our little backwater. everyone loved you all and we want to get you back. " - Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre
“fantastic band and did you see the bar staff standing on the bar to get a better view” - Bude Jazz Festival
" amazing performance on Saturday.  The combination of heat and walking for 2 hours, I was so so impressed.  The standard of the music was astounding, and you really did give us an event to remember... " - Pride March through London
"It was a fantastic evening - I have never seen the village hall so energised." - Roman River Arts Festival
"Thanks guys! This was absolutely brilliant, one of the best live performances I've ever been to ! Hope to see you again soon..." - Alexander, Birmingham Jazz Festival
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London's funkiest New Orleans style brass jazz band